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Built on Sand Websites

Dinosaurs for Dummies                               More to Life

Built on Rock Websites

Dinosaurs for Dummies                              Richard Dawkins

The Built on Sand Websites Welcome Introduction

The Built on Sand Project is the beginning of a series of thought-provoking Websites aimed at painting a bigger picture of God and the way He has created all things to be.

This Built on Sand Website has a dual purpose of being a hub which will provide a launch pad for the various websites which form part of this project and also a magazine style gathering of intriguing Christian thoughts, articles and resources. More of this content is introduced below

In the mean time all the other Websites can be reached by clicking on the pictorial links in the sections just below.

The Websites are split into two groups:-

The “Built on Sand” Series  - a Faith Building and Encouraging series aimed at Christians.

The “Built on Rock” Series  - a Fact / Evidence series aimed primarily at non-believers.

Built on Sand…

The first of the current two websites Dinosaurs for Dummies looks at the question “What about the Dinosaurs?” And looks at rather than being a sort of scientific stumbling block they are a massive faith building breath of fresh air! The More to Life Website encourages us to seek more of God rather than fill our lives and Churches up things which are just born of Religion.

The Built on Rock Websites

The Built on Rock series also has a magazine style Hub Website - Built on Rock Hub.

The other Built on Rock websites start with one covering a whole range of Scientific topics while looking at the question “Richard Dawkins - What if you are wrong?”. No you are not seeing double there is a second “Dinosaurs for Dummies” site with the wording and subject matter being more fact and evidence based.

Moving on…

There are many more websites planned and each website will be continually updated there is more information on the Websites page.

Thoughts Resources

There are sort of mini-articles on a variety of intriguing or thought-provoking topics.

Please visit the Thoughts page for more details.

The Resources will often be about fun things as well as being informative and helpful.

Please visit the Resources page for more information.

There are so many things that rather belittle God in this sophisticated world we live in and we often need reminding of just how great God is.

Looking at Life, the Universe and Everything from the perspective that God truly is not limited by the way we may try to comprehend the way things are or make things fit based on our finite knowledge, science or history. When we truly start to see things from God’s viewpoint and let go of some of our preconceptions the picture we see is altogether more amazing than we could ever imagine.

The aim the Built on Sand Project is to look at a range of subjects from “Science”, “Religion” and “Faith” in an encouraging and uplifting way. Exploring some of the deep questions, little niggles and awkward subjects bringing perhaps a little clarity of thought and wisdom so we can see that even in the most difficult questions or subjects there is nothing to fear only answers which bring us life and freedom. The Bible says “You shall know the Truth and the Truth will set you Free” - John 8 v 32. Read more on the Why? Page…

You can find a fuller explanation of the two groups on the Websites page.

Built on Rock Hub Website