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The Genesis 101 Test

We will never know all the answers to all of the questions we may ponder but sometimes there is a more likely answer and often this is just simple truth. Sometimes we try to be too clever or sophisticated and try and find our answers in the thoughts, teaching, history or scientific knowledge of man rather than believing what God has already told us in His word.

I think the start of the book of Genesis is a bit like a test of how much we will choose to believe God and what He has said and is saying to us. The book is right at the start of the Bible and describes the magnificent account of the Creation of all things in our Universe and the beginnings of how the civilisation of humanity started to develop.

Here is a short test to see how well you are doing here…

Did God create the Universe in six calendar days? Did Adam really exist?

Here again this seems to cause difficulties.

The mind boggles as to what people must believe here - from which ape man did Adam descend so that God would notice?

Again the most likely answer is Yes.

The Bible is full of genealogies to show us this is true and not a myth.

Did Man encounter Dinosaurs?

Every Adult and Child knows that Dinosaurs became extinct with a current figure of some 65 Million years ago. This actual number of millions of years keeps getting more as time moves on as if we can’t decide how vague the number has to be for us to believe it.

David Attenborough stated on TV last night that the most significant exhibit in the whole of the British Natural History Museum is the single fossil of Archaeopteryx. This single fossil seems to provide the ultimate conclusive proof of birds evolving from Dinosaurs.

Did the Great Flood cover the whole Earth?

Many would say it could have only been a regional flood - maybe God couldn’t produce enough water to cover the whole Earth!!!

Here again we just seem to doubt the greatness of God!

The answer well lets say the most likely answer is of course Yes.

Last Question - How many “Yes” Answers did you get?

I am sure there is a direct correlation between the number of Yes answers people will achieve and the amount to which the world rather than God influences their thinking.

I would appeal to you to review any No or Maybe answers and maybe go back and revisit these areas this time looking at the subject from the point of Scripture and what God is saying rather than what the world is convincing you of.

The account is beautiful, simple to understand, full of enough detail to display it is an accurate account and not a story and most of all just displays the majesty, magnificence and mind-blowing creativity of our God.

Yet many miss out on so much in their relationship with God by simply not being able to believe this. I believe the early chapters of Genesis to be a test of our trust and faith in God. If you cannot believe God in the beginning of His Word I think you will struggle while trying to truly understand the rest.

Well I am amazed at the difficulties this poses!

Shall we make the days long periods of time so it fits in with our currently accepted Scientific knowledge and so we don’t look so foolish?

Shall we try and fit Evolution into this mix so God can be shown to have used this. Again so we don’t have to rock the current scientific boat and poor God surely He couldn’t have done it all at once. Much easier to give God a break and say well it all just developed over Millions and Billions of years!

Going back to the first thought on this page the vastly more likely answer is YES!

Everyone of the Days is shown to be a single day with an evening and morning.

There is virtually no real evidence for Evolution at all.

Millions and Billions of years are required by man to hide the fallacy of Evolution and make it seem like it is feasible.

Evolution and Millions of years keep loads of people from knowing God.

Also ponder - Was it really any more complex for God to create a single leaf or the whole earth?

The most likely answer to the question though is still Yes.

Dinosaurs were created on day six of creation along with all the other the other animals and also Man.

There is just so much historical evidence of Man and Dinosaur encounters which is plain and easy to find it rather makes a mockery of the millions of years period which supposedly separates man and the Dinosaurs.

God wanted to destroy all life except for every creature which made it on to Noah’s Ark so why would God not do this by only creating a local flood?

Just take a little look at the Universe, even the few bits of it that man with all our sophistication and technology can assess. Ask yourself can the one who flung all the stars into space and names each and everyone of them - can He only manage a local flood?