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Built on Sand Websites

Dinosaurs for Dummies                               More to Life

Built on Rock Websites

Dinosaurs for Dummies                              Richard Dawkins

The Websites

The Websites are split in two distinct groups which are explained below:

Built on Sand? Series Built on Rock? Series

The Built on Sand series of Websites are encouraging and faith building, aimed at Christians, looking at many of the deep questions of Science, Faith and Religion showing that when we know the truth it will (and does) set us free. Coming against the current World View where so much of what is believed as true fact is really “built on sand”.

The Websites will eventually cover areas of Science including - Dinosaurs, Creation, Evolution, Geology, Earth / Universe as well as many Faith based Websites.

The Built on Sand Hub Websites links to all the websites of both groups as well as providing a variety of other Christian based articles and information

Planned Websites Current Websites

The Built on Rock series of Websites is mainly aimed at non-Christians to provide some thought-provoking answers to many of the deep Science based questions around Evolution, Creation, Geology, The Universe etc.

Built on Rock is making the almost un-said statement that the arguments presented in the Evidence based Websites are “built on rock” as compared to the theories held and taught by the world.

The Built on Rock Websites will have their own hub Website and the individual websites will only link back to the Built on Rock Hub.

Current Websites Planned Websites

Life The Universe and Everything, Prophetic Art, Evolution, Geology Websites are some of the websites planned for the Built on Sand Series.

Evolution, Earth / Universe, and Geology Websites are currently in planning for the Built on Rock Series.